We’re dipping our toe in the water of crowd-funding, and would like to invite you to help us to publish a beautifully bound and illustrated version of the new English fairy tale that you helped to create at the Spellbound Forest. Contribute £10 to receive a copy of the book through the post, with your name (or that of your family/children) printed in the list of supporters at the back.

The new fairy tale will be created regardless, and published electronically, but this money will pay for the printing of the hardback book, and everyone who contributes £10 or over will receive a copy of the book with their name included in a list of supporters at the back.

There are some wonderful characters, scenes and plot twists and turns emerging as Geoff Bird collates all of the contributions that families have made, and we think that the story deserves to be presented as a beautifully bound, traditional book.

For families who came to the event, we think there will be something very special in reading a bedtime story that you helped to create, and for families who didn’t, a brand new fairy tale that you have helped to become a reality.

Visit our page on peoplefund.it to watch a video about the project, find out more, and hopefully make your contribution.