Fairytales will take over Manchester Piccadilly station for a few short minutes on Friday 17th February. At 11am on the dot, classical music will begin to play as fairytale characters and creatures from the fairy realm emerge to dance and twirl before disappearing as quickly as they appear.  Families are also invited to don their fairy wings, crowns or knights outfits and head to Piccadilly to join in. This glimpse into an enchanted world celebrates the launch of the Spellbound Forest, a major, new, family arts event taking place in Delamere Forest in May.

If you would like to join in, here are the details:

  • Make sure that you are at one of the entrances to Manchester Piccadilly by 10.55am on Friday 17th February
  • At 11am on the dot, classical music will begin to play. Enter the station and begin to dance
  • Please come in a marvellous costume – a fairytale costume or someone from the fairy realm
  • At 11.05am, the music will end. Please disperse and continue having a lovely (and hopefully magical) day.

If you are a dancer, performer or dance/drama student, and would like to play a more central role in the event, please email rowan.hoban@wildrumpus.org.uk.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Do share this page on your social networks. The twitter hashtags are #piccadillyfairytales and #spellboundforest

This event is taking place with the permission and support of the Manchester Piccadilly Station management.