Wow, what a day. From a beautiful forest, the site is slowly becoming more and more enchanting. Every time I walk along a path, something new and wonderful has appeared. It feels more and more like it is waiting for you all to arrive and really bring it to life. Warning! Turning the corner and seeing the dress is a bit of a wow moment, so keep these pictures from little ones eyes for maximum impact! I will try my very best to add some more photos of today (Friday) later on, but things may well get a little hectic!

Tattercoat’s dress.

Birds at the Earl Mar’s Daughter

Tattercoat’s dress

Tattercoat’s dress

The entrance sign – awaiting foliage.

Bird cages on Earl Mar

Bird cages on Earl Mar

The nest is growing

The nest is growing

First aid

In the feast area – somewhere to have your lovely grub

Bird cages at Earl Mar

Flags along the three heads of the well

Tattercoat’s dress


Here I am, cosy in the Forestry Commission offices, catching up on things and having a cup of tea made for me (don’t tell the Wild Rumpusers deeper in the forest!). We set up camp Wild Rumpus yesterday, and spent our first night under canvas. Not a bad place to wake up! We don’t have internet access in the forest, so I’ll try to pop into the office every morning to post some photos here and let you know how set up is going. This morning, tents are going up, four poster beds are appearing in the forest, the nest is taking shape, and lots lots more. There should be some marvellous photos to add tomorrow!

Packing the van.

The abandoned husbands.

Camp Wild Rumpus.

Painting blackboards

Glorious weather yesterday. Not so shiny today, but we have our fingers and toes crossed for the weekend.

Three heads of the well, before set up begins.

Sarah and her trusty bike (no, she couldn’t make it up that little hill)

The nest begins!