Wild Rumpus & the Forestry Commission invite you and your family to step into The Spellbound Forest. Twisting paths through the forest tell the twisting tales of English Fairy Tales through theatrical performance, music, visual art and dance. From the youngest to the oldest member of your family, lose yourself in the enchanted world of fairy tales, where men
can become birds, tears become rivers, and children whirl at the elven ball. The Spellbound Forest won’t just tell tales though, we will create our own new English Fairytale, dance our own new dance, and sculpt a marvellous creation to live in the forest long after the magic has faded.

Click on the different areas of the map to find out what awaits you in the Spellbound Forest.


Tattercoats The Magpie's Nest Feast The Earl Mar's Daughter The Three Heads of the Well The Ball
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